Is human behaviour in sync with the rapid developments in technology?

Expert on future trends and business

Thimon de Jong

International Guest Speaker 2015 - passionate futurist speaker!

Is your organisation ready for the future? Is your innovation strategy lined up for future change? Thimon de Jong is an expert on future trends & business strategy. He works for clients like Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, Ikea, Tetra Pak and Microsoft.

His presentations and workshops are not only inspiring & thought provoking, but also practical and full of business take-aways. He regularly addresses international conference & business audiences in a variety of industries. Thimon is also a coproducer and lecturer of an executive training program at the University of Utrecht which focuses on sociocultural trends and how these can be practically applied to business strategy. Thimon is a former insights & strategy director at TrendsActive, researcher at FreedomLab Future Studies and editor-in-chief of RELOAD Magazine.

His speaking style has been described charismatic, passionate and interactive. As one of the most engaging speakers in the world, Thimon de Jong grabs any audience with a combination of research, visuals, stories and practical business tools. Described by clients as ‘memorable intellectual entertainment.’


Thimon de Jong


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