Tommy Lundberg

Tommy Lundberg has his background in the advertising industry, working as copywriter and creative leader for 25 years, with clients such as Apple, Audi, Ericsson, H&M, IKEA, OMX, SAS amongst others. He is also the founder of the advertising agency Lundberg&Co where he was the CEO for 12 years. Today he runs the company Great Words, working as councelor in communication, writer and author. Tommy is also a partner in the company Brinc Relations, producing "experience based communication" for clients such as Mackmyra Whisky, Midroc, Ovako, Sandvik, Statistics Sweden and others.

Tommy has written three books on the subject of leadership and communication, two of them together with his friend Ola Berggren. Tommy is a popular lecturer who talks about leadership and communication in an inspiring way, based on the book "Apeology – evolution for managers and leaders" (Apinajohtajan Käsikirja). By studying our closest relatives among the animals, the chimpanzees, we can find ways to a more humane leadership and regain a lost sense of what makes people feel good and perform better in groups.

His topics include:
- Leadership and communication
- Experience based communication
- Apeology – evolution for managers and leaders

Tommy Lundberg

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