Stefano Mosconi

At a time when most business people talk about digitalization, technology, transformation and culture, very few has or will ever see what Stefano Mosconi has seen and experienced, first hand and from within. As an appreciated business coach, speaker and tutor, Stefano has strong stories to tell, stories every modern business leader needs to hear.

Stefano Mosconi is a seasoned technology-oriented entrepreneur, who has seen both the good and the bad times of companies such as Nokia and Jolla. As one of the original founders of Jolla, the startup behind the open-source based Operating System Sailfish OS, Stefano possesses hands-on experience and unique knowledge about what culture means for a digital company, what agility means in practice and what does it mean to manage a truly diversified workforce, at all levels.

He has worked in leading positions in both big corporations and small companies and with his R&D and CTO experiences he brings a unique technological touch to culture and human resource management in the 21th century.

Tapping into his leadership background he tells his views on how to build a great company culture and high performing organizations based on trust and transparency.

Having been inside high tech fast moving companies he loves to talk about where technology is taking us and explore the intersection between technology and humanity that is ahead of us and approaching very fast.

After his speeches he enjoys answering questions and interacting with the audience to explore how the topics he touches upon can fit into real life problems we all have day to day.

Stefano Mosconi

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