Stefan Engeseth

How to attack and defend businesses

Stefan Engeseth is one of Europe’s most creative business thinkers and a top-ranked speaker. He is known for delivering inspiration in areas such as leadership, Internet/social media, marketing, branding, sales and creativity/innovation. Based in Stockholm (Sweden), Stefan has held lectures in US-tour, Amsterdam, Dubai, Ericsson (HQ), TEDx, Roche, Gulltaggen, New York, Mumbai, Finland, Singapore, Prague, London, Brussels, New Zealand, Australia and all over Scandinavia. He has shared the same platform with the likes of Chris Anderson, Alexander Osterwalder, Prof. Noam Chomsky, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales as well as Nobel Peace Prizewinners.

His topics include:
- Marketing, Branding and Social media
- Detective Marketing™
- The Fall of PR and the Rise of Advertising

Stefan Engeseth

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