Niklas Zennström

Internet Specialist

Niklas Zennström is a successful Swedish entrepreneur and investor. He holds dual degrees in Business and MSc Engineering Physics/Computer Science. Niklas is best known for co-creating Skype, where he held the position of CEO from Skype’s inception until September 2007. He currently sits on the boards of Atomico portfolio companies including Rovio, Fon, and Jolicloud.

Prior to Skype, Niklas co-founded and served as CEO of KaZaA, which became the world’s most downloaded internet software in 2003, and a number of other technology companies including Joltid in 2001. Before following his entrepreneurial ambitions, Niklas was CEO of the European portal, He began his professional career at Tele2, a pioneering competitive phone company in Europe.

Also Niklas co-founded Zennström Philanthropies, where he is actively involved in combating climate change, improving the state of the Baltic Sea and encouraging social entrepreneurship.

Niklas was recognized by Time Magazine as one of its 100 Most Influential People in 2006, and has received numerous other awards for innovation and entrepreneurship.

His topics include:
- The possibilities of Internet
- The drive to succeed
- Innovations

Niklas Zennström

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