I had two choices. Either I would commit suicide and take my life, or I would become an amazing human being. I chose the last one.

lawyer and political scientist

Milad Mohammadi

Diversity, communication and inspiration

Milad Mohammadi is one of Sweden's most popular and inspiring lecturer. His lectures are inspiring audience to think about how we can create a sustainable society. Milad was voted Speaker of the Year 2014 - Breakthrough of Talarforum`s customers.

Milad was born in the late 80's in Iran and fled to Sweden. From growing up in exclusion, discrimination and seeing his parents fight hard Milad received a strong impetus and he has been recognized as one of the leaders of tomorrow.

Milad was just 22 years old, both Sweden's youngest lawyer and political scientist - and today he is a memorable speaker. Through his unique way of communicating with strong emotions, knowledge and inspiration he has inspired and influenced companies, municipalities and all the possible players in diversity, integration and leadership, with the thesis that differences are the biggest opportunities.


Milad Mohammadi

Impact investor & Changemaker

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