Michiel Maandag

Michiel Maandag is a passionate and engaging international brand expert and author.

He believes that business growth and brands are fully intertwined. Unfortunately, when making growth decisions the power of consumers’ brand perception often gets ignored. This results in costly increase in marketing spending or loss on product development. Let’s change that and accelerate growth.

Topics are addressed in a direct and no nonsense way. Large number of cases are used in a visually exciting and entertaining format to force the audience to think out of the box. Michiel’s high energy will make an impact.

Through his experience of working with global brands and international marketing at Nokia and his own company, monday brand advisory, Michiel has invented unique and highly effective methods to help create winning brands, optimize brand portfolios and ensure consistency in brand execution.

His topics include:
- Expand your business, not your brand
- Branding in the new media landscape
- More profit and reduced marketing spend by strengthening your brand

Michiel Maandag

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