Mauro Berruto

From 1990 Mauro Berruto is a professional volleyball coach, despite his academic background: he got a degree in Philosophy at "Università degli Studi" of Torino (Italy) with a specialization in Cultural Anthropology, after a field-research in Madagascar about passages rituals of Antambahoaka tribe. In 2012 London Olympics he won the bronze medal with Italy.

He has developed skills in leadership, negotiation in complex situations and decision-making under pressure thanks to great opportunities of working in international contexts.

Mauro’s lectures are using sport as a metaphor of perfect team job. He points out that volleyball is the perfect team sport, the only one where you are obliged to pass the ball by the rules! However, his background and his experience with business companies allow him to "translate" sport examples in useful and captivating advices about how to build and lead teams also in business life.

Mauro Berruto

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