Creating an atmosphere within which the job always gets done, the deadlines always met, and goals constantly pursued; this is the requirement.

Freelance journalist and broadcaster

Mark Gallagher

The business of winning

Mark Gallagher has been involved in the Grand Prix world for many years. A close confidante of drivers, and a former member of the senior management team at Jordan, Red Bull, and Cosworth, he understands what it takes to compete in high technology sport.

Mark first entered Formula One as a journalist for BBC Radio, The Sunday Express and various motorsport publications. He went on to work with legends like Michael Schumacher, Nigel Mansell and the late Ayrton Senna.

In presentations Mark draws parallels between the high speed environment of motor racing and the fast-paced business world. He offers dramatic insight into the practical application of leadership, motivation and teamwork, and the outcomes achievable when all three come together. He also demonstrates the use of technology to gain competitive advantage, innovating in a competitive environment, and dealing with rapidly changing situations.

Mark is now a public relations and sponsorship consultant to race teams and motor manufacturers. He is also involved in the management, commercial and media affairs of the likes of Jenson Button.

Winning takes team work, focus & delivery - Mark Gallagher

Mark was chosen as an International Guest Speaker 2017.



Mark Gallagher

Senior management roles within F1

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