Magnus Helgesson

Inspired to Success Through a Proven Method

Get motivated by Sweden's most qualified inspirational speaker. Magnus Helgesson has started a business with a turnover of hundreds of millions kronor and has been trained by Tony Robbins. Today Magnus shares what he learned as an entrepreneur and a motivator.

Magnus Helgesson's lectures is an energy boost. Passionate and entertaining, he shares his experience of entrepreneurship, teamwork and motivation. No one will doubt that Magnus passion is inspire people to success. And unlike many others, he has practical experience in a successful business with sales of over 700 million. With the experience gained Magnus generously share their energy, ideas and tools that can transform organizations and create conditions for real success.

Magnus Helgesson had early a goal to become a millionaire. After reaching its goal already in his twenties, he noticed that despite the fact that his bank account was full, his life felt empty . What was missing was other people. The realization that "it is all about relationships " are the basis for how Magnus then built his business and the method he now lectures on. He has also written a book about his method. Today Magnus is a professional lecturer, licensed mental trainer and certified coach. He is one of Sweden's most qualified NLP coaches and he has undergone Tony Robbins program.

Magnus is one of the few inspirational speakers who have also enjoyed a successful career in business. Be inspired by one of Sweden's most exciting entrepreneurs. Magnus Helgesson opened Sweden's first Harry's restaurant before he was 23 years old. Today there are over 40 restaurants.

Some of the characteristics that made Magnus successful is his positive energy and ability to inspire others to great deeds. It has also made him a popular and frequent lecturer, both in Sweden and abroad (before large audiences in both London and Barcelona).


Magnus Helgesson


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