If you are crazy enough to want to change the world, I tell you – You need to sell to everyone; your idea, your passion and why you are gonna change the world

investor and author

Jonas Kjellberg

International Sales and Success

Jonas Kjellberg, one of the creators of SKYPE, is a much appreciated lecturer at Stanford University and Stockholm School of Economics where he lectures on entrepreneurship and how to create a winning sales culture. During an inspiring hour he will highlight the key question in sales.

He is the author of books Gear Up Bring Business Opportunities to Life (Gear Up Ventures AB, 2013) and Business Creation (Gear Up Ventures, 2013). The first one is a helpful book for those who are starting their own business. The second one is a workbook for those who want to test or create a business opportunity.

Jonas is specialized in developing a fundamental understanding for how product, sales and profitability must interact in order to create successful business. He supports management teams in developing their overall sales strategy and a winning sales culture. Organizations today face new demands as customer satisfaction is becoming more and more transparent with users increasingly sharing their experiences.

Jonas was chosen as an International Guest Speaker 2014.

Jonas Kjellberg is the first foreigner who has managed to reach the TOP10-speakers list in Finland. His "How to create a winning sales culture" -lectures have been popular in Finland as well as abroad. Mr. Kjellberg's keynote lectures quality is top notch thanks to his commitment and dedication that have created a demand with the clients to order him to several high-end events. During the years 2014-2016 Jonas has traveled speaking on Speakersforums engagements amongst others in Stockholm, Trondheim, Brussels, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and San Francisco.

His topics include:
- Entrepreneurship and creating a winning sales culture
- Customer Experience


Jonas Kjellberg

Serial entrepreneur

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