Johan Ronnestam

Futurist, brand expert, entrepreneur and life artist

Johan Ronnestam, one of Sweden's most hired and appreciated speakers on trends, the future business landscape and branding shares his insights on creating communication for global brands while caring for your own future.

Mr Ronnestam has an exiting background as professional snowboarder, multi-adventurer, serial entrepreneur and creative director. He calls him self a global citizen. No matter if it’s about running your business, building your brand, creating world class communication or finding out who you are - it’s all about passion, mission and setting the right goals to get there. Becoming excellent at what you do is not about talent - it’s about failing, learning and finally succeeding.

With more than 18 years experience of creating global communication and strategies Mr Ronnestam is considered one of Scandinavia's leading speakers in the field of creative and conceptual thinking on the the future of communication. He’s worked globally with brands such as Nike, adidas, BMW Motorrad, Omega, H&M, IKEA, Volvo Ocean Race, Absolut Vodka, Suunto, Procter & Gamble, Nokia and many more.

He’s also been a member of the board at The Stockholm University Marketing Communication Program as well as Scandinavia's leading price comparison company Johan Ronnestam combines creating strategies and creative communication for global brands with running several companies in various industries such as fashion, technology and industrial design with traveling the world looking for great surf. Like a magician he manages to do this while spending more time with his family than most of us.

Topics: Branding, Future Trends, Technology, Internet, Marketing, Social Media, Entrepreneurship E-Commerce, Mobile and Life Coaching

Johan Ronnestam is one of a kind: always up to date, always with his own agenda and his own take on things. In the field of branding, marketing and entrepreneurship, Johan is one of the most talented and respected voices in Sweden and Europe. I have used Johan as a speaker at several of IDGs and Internetworld’s event in Sweden. Every time, without exception, Johan delivers the best results with a satisfied organizer and a happy audience." - Magnus Höij – Editor in Chief, IDG Internet World

Johan Ronnestam

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