Brain Educator

Jenny Åkerman

Use Your Brain and Improve Your Rhetoric

Jenny Åkermans lectures are weightlifting for the brain. She teaches the best ways to improve your memory and sharpen your rhetoric. Jenny helps you to bring out your creativity, improve your presentation skills and to develop both your IQ and your EQ.

Jenny Åkerman is in love with the human brain. That she is the spokesperson for Mensa Sweden might then not come av a surprise. In her lectures she shares her deep knowledge and understanding of brain functions, basic facts about how our thoughts, values and memories. She also holds lectures on communication, presentation skills and creativity. It is not unusual for someone who has been on one of Jenny's lectures to fall in love, with his or her own brain.

Jenny Åkerman works as a "brain educator" with over three decades of experience with various educational approaches. Jenny is also a writer, music and voice teacher, lecturer and former president of Mensa Sweden.

Her topics include brain exercise, memory training, speed reading, mind mapping, communication, presentation skills, creativity in the workplace. All of Jenny's lectures aims to teach us to improve our relationships, both at work and at home. She wants to help us become curiously supportive.

Jenny's lectures are ideal both at a kick-off as an energizing and as a useful break at a conference. If you want to customize your own lecture or workshop Jenny will help you to formulate what kind of results you want.


Jenny Åkerman

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