Jaakko Pellosniemi

Experienced entrepreneur about to make you question how you make decisions.

Jaakko Pellosniemi is a seasoned entrepreneur. He started his career at IBM Finland, originally as a systems engineer but soon he developed into different roles in the company.

An entrepreneur at heart he realized that sales teams need advanced tools to manage their processes and played an integral role in creating the first CRM for IBM. After taking the first entrepreneurial footsteps of improving a status quo in a big corporation, Jaakko moved on to build many disruptive companies such as Mobidiag, a revolutionary diagnostics and biotech company that is a pioneer in developing and providing innovative solutions for in vitro diagnostics of infectious diseases.

Before moving into biotech he also made groundbreaking developments at Superweb, which was pioneering the back then young world of e-commerce. During his career Jaakko built up several innovative companies and products, took these companies successfully to the global market and completed three successful trade sales and three acquisitions. In his latest journey Jaakko has set out to change the way organizations make Decisions.

He is the Founder of Fingertip, a Decision Making application. As author of the book ‘Social Decision Making - The Introduction’ the future of work through Social Decision Making is the topic that is close to Jaakko’s heart.

He approaches Social Decision Making from different angles such as work culture, leadership and even entrepreneurship in a mesmerizing and attention grabbing way. His audience can expect to be challenged all the way through his speech and leave looking at the world in a different way.

Jaakko Pellosniemi


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