Hannes Sjöblad

New Ways of the Future

Hannes is a visionary technology optimist that in an engaging and thought provoking way describes through how the technological development accelerates around us. He shows how our ways of working, communicating, consuming, curing deceases, maintaining our health and reproducing are all changing.

Never before in history has humans had access to such powerful tools. What do these radical technologies advances mean for our society and how shall we deal with them?

Hannes lives what he learns - as a passionate ’bio hacker’ he actively experiments with upgrading his body with technology. He has an NFC-chip implanted in his hand. Hannes describes how an increasing number of people are upgrading their bodies with technology that gives them characteristics that no human previously have had and shows that this is just the beginning of a new technology revolution – the upgraded human.

One thing is certain – the changes are happening whether we want to or not. Being passive is not an option - so the best thing is trying to understand what dives this change and how to prepare for it. Hannes engaging stories touches upon the big existential issues, and leaves no one indifferent.

Hannes Sjöblad

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