Estève Pannetier

Estève describes himself as "looking Danish, sounding British, and feeling French" - in other words a European.

Living and celebrating Finland for over 5 years, he rapidly earned a reputation in Finland for being the new male-version "Kylli-täti", inspiring even the most shy business executives, entrepreneurs and students to find their own way of shining by his contagious enthusiasm.

When event organizers need to find new ways of getting the audience to interact, they ask him to design and host events which leave the participants walking away feeling empowered.

Estève is a recognized consultant with a wide experience of different industries, making his talks inspiring for R&D engineers, Marketeers, Sales executives and Designers to think about how to be people-focused in innovation.

His topics include:
- How could managers build authority without being dominating?
- How to make fast, consensual and respectful decisions without voting?
- Life skills - could they be the solution to most of the worlds problems?
- Does being user-centered work in Marketing and branding?

Estève Pannetier

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