Cynthia Mäkipää

Cynthia Mäkipää is a professional hospitality business and customer service relations trainer and consultant. In addition to that she is also professional in Asian Business Culture and Cuisine.

She has 14 years of working experience in different supervisory and management positions in Switzerland, Japan, USA, and Indonesia. Cynthia has assisted several companies in Indonesia, Finland and Estonia in a variety of consulting tasks such as event planning, hospitality business management training, doing business in Asia and cross-cultural communication training, diversity business management, and restaurant personnel and chef training. Cynthia has assisted also governmental organisations, EU secretariats and embassies in different projects relating to her expertise.

As an Indonesian, she has a warm personality and friendly Asian charm. Her training method is open and interactive, using examples and cases from her experiences. Her consulting method is defined and effective towards the organisation’s goals. Cynthia may also customize her lectures and coachings to include Asian style programmes as energy injections, such as Tai Chi or Bollywood dance (optional).

Her topics include:
- Multicultural teams
- Cross-cultural communication
- Asian Business Culture

Cynthia Mäkipää

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