Bob Pritchard

Australian-born and a Californian resident for many years, Bob Pritchard is a very unique business entity. He is one of the most successful marketers in the world. His unique sales, marketing, and motivational ability has taken Bob from sharing a two room apartment as a child with three generations of family to international success as a businessman, marketer and speaker. His outside the square philosophy has led to Marketforce One Inc. being represented in the United States, Europe and Australia working with corporations, sports and entertainment entities. He has worked across the world in all manner of entrepreneurial business enterprises, from launching products in new territories to business mergers and arranging funding.

He is a genius of vision, a great motivator, communicator and marketer. The combination of his insight, experience and business acumen makes his presentations an event his audiences never forget.

His topics include:
- How To Build & Sustain A Winning Team
- Successful E-Commerce
- Awesome Service & Added Value

Bob Pritchard

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