Bob Emiliani

Dr. Bob Emiliani is a Lean practitioner and global thought leader. He is a professor, researcher, author, historian of progressive management, and executive trainer. He has over 15 years of experience in aerospace, consumer products, and service industries, and has had front-line responsibility for implementing Lean principles and practices in the manufacturing shop floor, supply networks, and in higher education (academics).

Bob Emiliani is a sought-after speaker at corporate meetings and senior management retreats due to his entertaining, high-energy presentation style. He has spoken at corporate meetings and conferences in Europe and US.

Whether the audience is 10 or 750 people, well-versed in Lean or not, Bob Emiliani explains Lean management in unique, original, and entertaining ways that are easy to understand. Bob will make your job of transforming the organization easier, and give you many examples to refer back to.

Bob Emiliani is a leading figure in the Lean movement and is dedicated to helping people correctly understand and implement Lean management. He has been described as "the greatest advocate for workers and the ‘Respect for People’ principle."

Bob Emiliani

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