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Speaker and moderator

Antoni Lacinai

Communication for leaders, teams and sales people

Antoni Lacinai is one of Sweden’s top communication experts and keynote speakers. With his 15 principles of communication, he improves peoples’ communication skills in situations where they lead, sell and cooperate. He is an author of 10 books on verbal and non-verbal communication, effective meetings, sales and goal setting. He is also regarded as one of Scandinavia’s best moderators.

A keynote with Antoni Lacinai is filled with energy, empathy and clarity; the three superpowers of communication that Antoni is focusing on. He frequently speaks at both large events, like 1700 sales reps in Lithuania, as well as smaller groups, like 20 leaders in a management team. He is fluent in Swedish and English. Antoni recently did a TEDx talk about communication at TEDx Vasa:

"Communication in an organization is like electricity in a modern society; without it we die" – Antoni says when asking him about the importance of communication. He continues: "There is a direct connection between communication, motivation and results. Great communication leads to great results. But it is hard work to be that great"

Antoni often booked to lead a conference, seminar or workshop as a professional moderator. He lifts the speakers and make it relevant to the audience. His style is sharp and easy-going (with high energy, empathy and clarity) He works effortlessly between industries and spend a lot of time doing research and communicating with the speakers, the organizer etc.

He has been a moderator at Nordic Business Forum 2015 among other assignments.



Antoni Lacinai

Communication coach

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