Be interested instead of interesting. And the interesting thing is that you then become interesting.

Speaker and moderator

Antoni Lacinai

Communication, Goal Setting and Motivation

Antoni Lacinai helps good people improve their communication skills, so that they reach their goals faster, and have more fun.

This is his belief: Better communication and higher motivation leads to better results.

The rules of communication are the same, regardless of if you’re an executive or a stand staff, a speaker or a project manager, a sales rep or a full team. It is simply a matter of how to communicate with clarity, empathy and energy.

The same goes for setting and getting goals that really motivates you and your group.

Communication, Goal setting and Motivation are Antoni´s areas of expertise.

Clients hire Antoni as a speaker or a moderator at conferences.

In smaller groups Antoni also teaches and trains people in e.g. meeting management, presentations skills, sales and management communication.

Antoni is also hired as a professional moderator at a variety of seminars and conferences where the focus is on the topic and not the moderators celebrity status.

Most of his published books are in Swedish, but if you search on Antoni Lacinai, you should find at least one at Amazon, in English.



Antoni Lacinai

Communication coach

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