One of Spotify's first designers

Tobias Ahlin

Innovation and Creativity: Spotify and Minecraft

Innovation processes behind Spotify's and Minecraft's successes!
As one of Spotify's first designers, Industry Leader at Hyper Island and product designer on GitHub in San Francisco, Tobias Ahlin contributed to several Creative international success stories. Tobias is now leading the design for Minecraft.

Tobias Ahlin lectures on digital product development, trends and innovation. With Using interactive workshops and inspirational lectures shows how Tobias future trends will affect your industry and era, and which proved tools and techniques you need to manage change.

He has experience from Spotify, GitHub and Hyper Island. Tobias is nowadays Lead Experience Designer at Mojang and leads the design for global success Minecraft. He is an international lecturer on design, trends and entrepreneurship, and now travels around the world to share their perspectives. With the help of unexpected stories, mixed with empirical data and proven techniques, turning Tobias upside down general truths, explores the nuances of depth, and examines the secrets behind the success stories worldwide.

Tobias Ahlin works both as a coach, consultant and speaker, and through its continuous job of leading digital business picks he constantly new and fresh insights into their lectures. To ensure that his lectures are not only inspiring and creates emotional understanding, but also contains proven substance that is not only based on anecdotes, so he spends much of their time to research, and always offers references to his material.

He offers inspiration lectures in digital products, trends, innovation and entrepreneurship. Tailor-made approach for your company, your event or your conference. He has lectured on everything from international conferences and training days for business, the creative schools and intimate retreats in Alps. He fits large and small events. Kick-offs, inspiration and training for startups, agencies, and schools. All companies and organizations facing challenges in a rapidly transforming digital landscape.


Tobias Ahlin

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