Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an author, an entrepreneur, marketer and a public speaker.

In addition to his writing and speaking, Seth is founder of, a fast growing, easy to use website. His blog is one of the most popular in the world. Before his work as a writer and blogger, Godin was Vice President of Direct Marketing at Yahoo!, a job he got after selling them his pioneering 1990s online startup, Yoyodyne.

In his enlightening lecture program, Seth focuses on the creative thinking necessary for a business to create a "purple cow" - an offering that stands out from the crowd and causes customers to take notice. Using real-world examples from extremely successful companies, he reveals the benefits of using creative, remarkable thinking to transform business ideas and practices. Drawing on his best-selling books, he explores how ideas spread, why the stories companies tell matter and why treating customers with respect pays off and how these and other business decisions determine whether your business becomes invisible or remarkable.

Seth Godin

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