If you believe that sales is an talent, you will always ask yourself if I`m talented enough instead of looking at what you have and where you could grow

Author and selling coach

Per Lange

Successful Sales - How To Develop a Growth Mindset

When have you last experienced something unforgettable? Let your employees get encumbered by new motivation!

Per Lange is at the moment one of Scandinavia’s most sought after speaker in sales, communication and "growth mindset". He lectures in a unique way on job satisfaction and motivation.

He has personally trained over 15,000 people in sales and lectured to hundreds of thousands. Five years in a row, he set up his own show at the Oscar Theatre in Stockholm - which sold out every time! Per regularly speaks for top management teams on how to improve the company's sales strategies. His sales-tools are used by hundreds of Nordic organizations. 2012, Per Lange published book, "What do you have going on - really?" which is about how you sell at a consistently high level.

His speeches are always full of humor and seriousness mixed together. It’s for anyone who wants to get better at selling and communicating. You learn how to get more job satisfaction and develop as a person.

Per’s speaking style is usually described as fun and energetic. He has a unique ability to enthuse his audience. He is known for being able to change a person's view of himself and potential - and therefore behavior. Because it’s our ideas about ourselves, about other people and the world that governs our actions.

100% of a company's revenue comes from sales or customer contacts - so this is a subject that touches everyone in the company.



Per Lange

Master of selling

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