Patrick Meyer

Patrick Meyer is The CEO Futurist and Business 3.0 expert. He brings the insights of a winning CEO and c-level advisor for Fortune 500 companies coupled with the forward thinking capabilities of an active futurist building solutions in the emerging digital, mobile, social, e-commerce and generationally shifting world.

He is a unique hybrid among c-level business leadership in building and re-inventing Fortune 500 brands and businesses with both line brand marketing experience (The Coca-Cola Co., Gillette, Kraft Nabisco) and senior consulting role to the C-Suite of the worlds top companies (P&G, SAB Miller, Daimler, Virgin, Pepsico. VW, Unilever etc.) plus the emerging 3.0 tech brands and ventures.

Patrick has helped companies and audiences "Shift Your Game: Business 3.0" as a prominent thought leader in mobile, social, e-commerce, and beyond. He is a partner at Thinaire, the leading NFC mobile platform that is aligned with Google, Samsung, Verizon and others in transforming retail, media, product with the next generation technology in smartphones. This includes his role as a c-level speaker and author of the award winning, future insight focused book: "Steve Jobs & The World of Mobile".

His topics include:
- Mobile and Social Fusion
- The Future is Now
- Marketing 3.0: Branding and Marketing

Patrick Meyer

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