Noah Kerner

Noah Kerner has been featured in Billboard Magazine as "Top 30 under 30" most influential business executive.

Noah began his music career as a DJ at the age of 14 spinning in nightclubs across the country, performing as stage DJ for artists like Jennifer Lopez, and appearing on nationally syndicated US shows such as The Today Show and The Tonight Show.

At 23, Noah was managing online marketing for the VH1 Group and by 25, he had co-founded a leading edge marketing agency. The agency fuses marketing, design, and technology to help brands navigate emerging media platforms and to develop ideas that push new boundaries. The company has been featured twice on 60 Minutes as the place "to go to if you want to influence the choices of that fickle, unpredictable 20-something demographic." As CEO, Noah and his team build break through campaigns for their clients such as Bacardi USA, Chase, Six Flags and Yahoo.

Noah Kerner

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