Katarina Althin

One of Swedens`s most well known style experts

Katarina Althin is one of Sweden's most well known style experts who shares her knowledge and secrets of style both on and off stage. With style columns in the biggest newspaper and magazines she is a frequent guest speaker on the Swedish radio.

As the founder of Stilstudio, Katarina has over the years helped men and women in the professional field to find their style and dress properly.

Katarina invites the audience on an inspiring and interesting lecture on style. You will be intrigued and amazed when Katarina tells you what your clothing really says about you!

"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression!"

Regardless of what you’ve done in the past, how famous you are or how big your house is – a well dressed man or woman will always get better treated.

Studies show that we make snap judgement on how people dress. In fact, these visual judgements comes immediately and the go way beyond how well you are dressed or how tidy you might look.

When meeting you for the first time people will make all sorts off assumptions and decisions without actual evidence. Therefor it’s important to consider how you dress and understand why you can create business advantages based on looks.

By understanding how people react and respond to sharp tailoring, colour and pattern, you as a salesman, manager or employee get the tools and skills for a better communication to the subconscious.

Katarina Althin

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