Gary Baker

Few people in Sweden can claim as diverse or colorful a background as Gary Baker. From early beginnings as a paperboy in California to building a Swedish marketing department for one of the world’s "Big Four" audit, tax and consulting firms, Gary’s working life has spanned from "mom and pop" businesses to world class corporations. His career has included consulting to both financial giants and small ethnic banks, shaping numerous partnerships between business, government and nonprofit entities, implementing new banking and anti-discrimination regulations, and developing sales teams in the fast-paced Silicon Valley.

Gary’s speaking style is engaging, interactive and relaxed. His self-confidence on stage is understandable: he began public speaking in 4th grade and was active for many years in student government a la America, even serving as the president of his high school of 2500 students. Throughout his career he has been heavily engaged in training and public speaking.

Whether the subject is diversity, sales, government regulations or customer service, Gary has a unique gift of helping people look at the world, others and themselves through "new glasses." With a convincing and entertaining approach, he helps his audiences to understand why things are, what they can become and how to get there. Perhaps best of all, his experience and knowledge from working with the sensitive subjects of cultural diversity and cross-cultural conflict enable him to present his subjects in a non-threatening, constructive, even motivational way.

Gary Baker

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