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Claudia Olsson

Claudia Olsson has been appointed the Leader of the Year in Sweden as well as a Leader of Tomorrow by the Stars Foundation in China and the Gifted Citizen community in Mexico. Her experiences working with cutting edge technologies in some of the most advanced economies, as well as with emerging markets solutions, have provided her with a unique understanding of the possibilities of the future markets.

With a background as the first Swedish participant and advisor to the Singularity University at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley, Claudia has a deep understanding of the power of exponential technology development. She sees technology through the lens of the Global Grand Challenges, which she has experienced first-hand while working in the emerging markets of India, Peru, the Philippines and China.

Claudia’s presentation style is engaging and thought provoking. She highlights examples of disruptive trends and of tools that her audience can put to practice to lead the future development of our global society. Claudia guides her audience in how to realize the potential of the global opportunities - today and into the future.

Her topics include:
- Future
- Digital revolution
- Biotechnology, neuroscience and nanotechnology


Claudia Olsson

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