Blanca Juti

Brand building and marketing

A veteran of the gaming, technology and entertainment industries, Blanca Juti is a passionate and energetic soul with a mission. She believes everyone in the planet should have access to the internet and all the opportunities it brings, especially education, access to information, health and entertainment, and why not all of these together. She believes there has been no better time for game changing innovation than today.

Blanca Juti has lead high performance teams across the games, telecommunications and FMCG industries around the world: Europe, Asia, Africa and in the Americas. Her areas of expertise are general management, sales, investor relations and communications and what gets her to tick the most: brand building, marketing and storytelling.

Blanca Juti is known for strategic vision, customer centricity and forging partnerships that result in superior results for all parties involved. She also has a track record in consumer understanding and ability to build networks across organizations and companies.

Blanca is the author of Honest.Finnish.Magic a compilation of interviews of inspiring Finns and a reflection of why this tiny nation rocks beyond its weight in world charts. She is currently working on her second book, Game Changer, scheduled for publishing in August 2016. She is a Board Member of MTV Oy and an Advisor to Playmob.

In 2014 Fortune named Blanca one of 10 most powerful women in gaming.

Blanca Juti

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