Adriaan Kamp

Adriaan Kamp worked 25 years in international project and business development management positions (5 countries) in the Upstream Oil and Gas sector (Shell Group International) and as a private entrepreneur of start-ups. He has grown in his leadership role- by progressing a balanced view on our world, society and our individual roles and contributions. He is committed to servant and conscious leadership and common wealth.

Over his professional life, Adriaan has received a wide-range and diverse set of entrepreneurial and leadership exposures, is a certified project manager of large-scale complex projects ( O&G, chemicals) and has been on the path towards conscious leadership for now over 10 years. Adriaan holds a Master of Science in Applied Physics from the University of Delft.

Adriaan presently presents and speaks on a frequent basis, and on global issues, such as World Energy, Energy transition, Business Opportunities, Change and Innovation, CSR/Sustainability and Leadership.

Adriaan Kamp

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