Thomas Gad

Branding expert

Thomas Gad is a brand strategist and advisor.

His main contribution to branding is having created strategies for dramatic changes in the role of the brand in business. Already in the late 90′s he identified how branding developed from a product/service focus, what he calls Transaction Branding introduced as part of the industrialism, to todays prevailing Relationship Branding, introduced by the Internet, in which the customer experience is in focus and the relationship developed between the brand and customer has become more important.

Thomas Gad created hands-on tools and models to develope this new type of brands for the new digital age, including the 4-Dimensional Brand Mind Space (BMS) and Brand Code (BC) and the Brand Activity Generator (BAG).

In his practice he has a huge and succesful experience of working with his modern branding techniques across businesses of various size, in different business areas, and in different business situations like: launching, re-branding, mergers & acquisitions, entering new markets, start-ups etc. and also with places; cities, regions & countries, public institutions and with people (personal branding).

Thomas Gad

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