Rune Larsson

Rune Larsson has certainly moved barriers and turned his dreams in to reality. Few athletes have ever pushed the quality of endurance more to its extreme than what he has done. Twice he ran the 1015 kilometer Westfield Run between Sydney and Melbourne, three times won the classic Spartathlon, a 246 kilometer race which is widely regarded as the hardest race on the planet, and holds all Swedish records of distances longer than the standard Marathon of 42,2 kilometres. He is the only person in history ever to cross both an ocean (Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Challenge Oct. 2001 – Jan. 2002) and a continent (U.S.A. Run from San Diego, Cal. to Sandy Hook, N.J. April to July 2004) with only the use of his muscle power. Experiences from these Challenges and other’s have been compiled into lectures on how human beings can break barriers and optimize the ability to perform.

Rune is an experienced lecturer and he lectures with humor and many anecdotes about how one can extend one’s range in life. In 2007 he was awarded the Speaker of the Year Award.

Rune Larsson

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