Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson is a global business strategist and a bestselling author. He has been called an expert on radical rethinking.

Rowan’s focus is on rethinking business in the new innovation economy. His book "Rethinking The Future" is an international best-seller. It argues that rapid, discontinuous change creates the need for regular – and sometimes radical – rethinking in order to keep pace with business and stay ahead of the game.

Rowan’s big-picture insights, compelling observations, fresh business thinking and upbeat presentation style have impressed a wide range of audiences all over the world. He mixes insight, inspiration and information in a way that always leaves an audience feeling energized. His keynote speeches, executive sessions, and innovation master classes are always tailor-made to fit each audience, industry sector, and event format. He endeavors, wherever possible, to use business cases and examples that are relevant to the specific audience. Rowan uses very graphic Powerpoint slides – each typically features just one powerful image and a single statement – which makes his presentations extremely dynamic. He is constantly updating his slides with cutting-edge material and up-to-the-minute business news.

Rowan Gibson speaks on innovation, strategy, rethinking the future, business model reinvention, driving growth and strategic renewal, building a deep capability for innovation, visionary leadership, reinventing success for a new competitive era.

Rowan Gibson

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