Rolf Jensen

Most of Rolf Jensen´s research focusses on investigating and unveiling the new type of society that will replace the Information Society: The Dream Society. In most parts of the Western World today, the Dream Society (or the Experience Economy, which it is also called) is already beginning to eclipse the Information Society.

The Dream Society entails a shift in logics on all levels of society. Today, we are seeing the first traces a focal shift from facts to feelings, from Information to Imagination. Rolf describes what the market place will look like in this new type of society, pointing out how marketing and sales will be affected.

As a lecturer Rolf has a multifarious approach; being in part the researcher with two decades of experience in studying, researching, analyzing his material; in part the witty and humorous entertainer who might be persuaded to mount an elephant; in part also the agent provocateur who will ask you questions that prompt you to pause and reflect; and finally the inspirational seminar who interconnects well-known elements in a surprising manner.

Rolf Jensen


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