Jag har varit med om saker i mitt yrkesliv som få andra får uppleva. Min mission nu är att berätta.

Novelist and helicopter pilot

Robert Karjel

Leadership and teamwork - 100 lectures annually in Sweden

Robert Karjel is a helicopter pilot and a lieutenant colonel in the Swedish Air Force, a job that has brought him to all over the world from peace-keeping in Afghanistan to pirate-hunting in Somalia. He is the only Swedish pilot who has trained with U.S. Marine Corps and flown its attack helicopters. He is also a writer.

Robert lectures about how to get an organization as well as the individual employee to successfully face new tasks despite difficult external and internal environments. He provides inspiration and insights into how the "impossible" can be broken down into manageable parts without losing the big picture. Robert shows how leaders can create successful organizations by creating momentum in the individual and how to move from the individual’s fear of failure to a common sense of wanting to achieve something great. Robert provides insights about the importance individual’s will to take responsibility. In his lectures, he has an evaluation average of 4.89 (on a scale of 1-5). He lectures in both Swedish and English.

Robert is Talarforum’s Speaker of the Year 2016.



Robert Karjel

A lieutenant colonel in the Swedish Air

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