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Ola Ahlvarsson

Ola Ahlvarsson combines unique hands on experience of building entrepreneurial businesses with a passion to convey knowledge and a belief that every organization can and should be entrepreneurial. He is the founder and main shareholder of international expansion and innovations advisors called Result and a Swedish media house called Keynote Media Group owning portals, magazines, events and online ventures. He also holds portfolios in wide range of companies ranging from wine companies, psychology clinics to castles.

Ola is an international speakers and moderator and is one of Swedens most experienced international speakers. Previously, Ola has been chosen to host and lead discussions in various places, amongst them at the World Economic Forum in Davos, DLD in Munich, World Knowledge Forum in Seoul and Le Web in Paris. Ola is also the co-creator, host and moderator of SIME, a thought leader summit held in Stockholm every year hosting 1500 leaders from the Swedish and the International economy. As a speaker, Ola has an amazing ability to engage and combine personal experience with the latest trends and information.


- Innovation as a Mindset
- Leading Change in Exponential Times
- Inside the Mind of a Serial Entrepreneur: Lessons from Building 22 companies
- Innovation: Lessons learned from Silicon Valhalla
- The future is already here, it is just unevenly distributed
- Beyond Digital Transformation

- Going international: Lessons learned from Silicon Valhalla


Ola Ahlvarsson


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