Mona Riabacke

Future Decision Making

Mona Riabacke has a Ph.D. in risk and decision analysis. She is a professional speaker, researcher and advisor on decision making.

She is also part of the research team Decide Research group at Stockholm University. Mona has previously worked with business intelligence solutions, and today she runs Riabacke & Co together with her husband.

In her inspiring speeches, Mona triggers thoughts and insights, creates "aha moments" about what drives us and how we navigate in the information djungle we live in today. With an increased awareness, her audiences receive concrete and usable knowledge and mind tools that are applicable to our everyday lives.

"Life is about choices and decisions, 24/7. We have inherent mechanisms for decision making, but we navigate in a world that has changed too fast for our genetic setup, and knowing when to trust our gut feelings and when to analyze more has become more tricky than ever before", says Mona Riabacke.

She has an excellent track record - feedback average: 4,56 in Sweden & 4,75 in Finland (Scale 1-5, 4=good and 5=excellent)

She often uses Topic (which can be customized):
Future Decision Making - in a complex and rapidly changing world


Mona Riabacke

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