Marcel Bullinga

Marcel Bullinga is a futurist & keynote speaker (future & innovation). Blending trends with the audience. Strictly interactive, strictly dynamic!

Being an Internet pioneer in Holland, Marcel has presented for hundreds of renowned clients in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, England. Ranging from federal government to city councils, multinational companies & research institutes. From IBM to Mars Food. From the Dutch police top & congresses by the European Union, to youngsters eager to learn about their future.

Marcel’s style of presenting is visual, fast & interactive. He talks with (not to) the audience. He uses innovative forms like Picturestorm, What’s In & Out, Neighbour’s Conversation (= audience prioritizing trends) and CoffeeDating (= audience working together in realtime). He uses the trendnumbers 0, 1, 2 and 6- to explain the future. Every presentation is unique and tailormade.

Hot topics that Marcel speaks about nowadays: office of the future, green profit, the blending of the virtual & the physical economy, transparent world, innovation 2.0, city & country branding, energy of the future, the future of healthcare, the future of money.

Marcel Bullinga

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