Leandro Herrero

An internationally renowned public speaker, Dr Leandro Herrero is both a charismatic and engaging presenter, frequently invited to speak to audiences at external conferences and in -house corporate events around the world.

Leandro, a psychiatrist by background, spent many years in hands-on leadership positions in global companies before founding The Chalfont Project Ltd, a leading consulting group of organizational architects. He pioneered Viral Change™, an unconventional and very successful change management methodology and leads the Viral Change ™ Global network of companies.

As a speaker, Leandro won the highest recognition from many audiences, big and small, at public forums and in-house events. As an author, he has published several books on management of change and leadership. As a consultant, he works with organizations of many sizes at different levels: from Board and top management and leadership teams to staff in Business Units. His consulting work focuses on management of change, leadership, human collaboration, organizational branding and innovation.

Leandro Herrero

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