Jonathan Margolis

Jonathan Margolis has established a national and international reputation for writing (and more recently, speaking) in an informed and extremely witty, accessible style on a variety of topics of interest to business audiences, from technology to modern cultural issues.

Jonathan has given talks to university societies at both Oxford and Cambridge, at the think tank Demos, where he spoke at London Calling, a symposium sponsored by Vodafone and Orange on how mobile technologies will transform our capital city.

His continually updated and often very funny talk, Never Predict anything – Especially The Future (the title is taken from a famous aphorism by Samuel Goldwyn) has for three years been stimulating, provoking and entertaining audiences at universities, at company dinners and conventions, at Rotary and similar clubs and at the think tank Demos. Jonathan compares the visions of the future we all had in past decades (flying cars, monorails, robots making the tea, plastic hose-down furniture and so on) with the reality of how futures work out in the real world. He looks back at some of the hilariously wrong predictions in the past of how we would be living today – and also assesses how some uncannily accurate futurologists actually got things (almost) right.

Jonathan Margolis

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