And how do things look at our company today? How do other successful companies do things? And what are the positive consequences?

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MBA, Stockholm School of Economics

Johan Mathson

First to the Future - Leadership, future and change

First to the Future - Leadership, future and change

Johan Mathson has a unique combination of experience as an entrepreneur , corporate executive and as a leadership consultant to over a hundred companies in thirty countries, with focus on results and change.

"It took the management 19 weeks to formulate the new business plan - it took the staff only 2 hours to misunderstand it." In his lectures, Johan Mathson talks about how to mobilizing an entire organization in realizing strategies. He also talks about a new reality where previously competitive advantages suddenly just become prerequisites.

Johan has worked in thirty countries, primarily with strategy implementation, strategy and business development, management development, and leadership training. A common theme in all Johan's lectures is the importance of successful development strategies. According to Johan the greatest potential in today's business lies in putting words and plan to concrete action! And that leaders succeed in getting the whole organization behind it.

A beacon in Johan's approach is simplicity and 'easy of use'. The goal is always that the participants will to be able to use Johan's methodes in their own work, the very next day.

Johan also work as a facilitator and moderator. For example, you can book Johan to lead a discussion of a management team or a customer focus group.

Johan has a very broad international business background and a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics, at Stockholm School of Economics


Johan Mathson

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