Johan Bygge

Johan Bygge graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in 1981. After that he did research in "establishing business in Asia" on behalf of the same school before joining Arthur Andersen. After that he was recruited to Ericsson to design and implement a financial management system including IT, manuals, principles and training. There he became deputy Group Controller and the Deputy Treasurer where the cash management function was developed.

Johan joined Electrolux in 1987 as Corporate Controller which then developed into the CFO position (Electrolux is a 125 billion SEK company). He became part of the Group Management team in 1997 and held this position until 2001 and then took the position as CEO within Electrolux for Consumer Outdoor products. He moved on and headed up Electrolux appliances for Asia Pacific from 2003 and in 2004 also added Europe.

His topics include:
- Branding and Sales
- Environment and Sustainibility


Johan Bygge

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