Jim Clemmer

Jim Clemmer is a bestselling author and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, workshop/retreat leader, and management team developer on leadership, change, customer focus, culture, and personal growth.

Jim has spent over two decades helping thousands of managers in hundreds of organizations build high-performance teams and cultures. As co-founder of The Achieve Group, Jim worked with California-based Zenger Miller and Tom Peters to help executive teams implement a cultural change process called Toward Excellence.

In his keynote presentations Jim starts by thoroughly understanding the audience to be addressed and the key themes of the meeting, as well as the larger aims of that organizations leaders. He then draws from his huge repertoire of research, examples, illustrations, humor, stories, how to points, leadership models, and implementation frameworks to craft a dynamic and energizing keynote presentation tailored to hit the audiences cultural leadership hot buttons.

His topics include:
- Building a High Performance Culture
- Timeless Leadership Principles
- Management Workshops

Jim Clemmer

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