Hege Tvedt

Hege Tvedt is an accomplished choreographer and director. She has created over fifty major stage productions in Scandinavia and Europe, working with theatres, festivals and opera houses. Her broad experience as a leader in the field of performing arts has given her a profound understanding how we can enfold our ability to create and move towards greater visions. As a speaker she will give you a kick-start to great goal achieving actions and how to act from your true capacity.

Hege is an international platform speaker and a life perspective mentor (USA and Europe). Through her insight and effective methods you will gain clarity and tools to expand your thinking and act on your unique purpose. As well as being a highly recommended seminar speaker, she has been mentoring people, around the world in the top field of leadership, finance, art, sports, and entrepreneurs, who are aiming to reach their new peak.

Her topics include:
- Leader skills
- Achieving goals
- Actions towards greater visions

Hege Tvedt

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