Frans Johansson

Frans Johansson is an author, speaker, and consultant.

He has spent the past years talking to individuals and teams at the intersection of different disciplines and cultures. He has combined the results from those interviews with decades of existing research in psychology, economics, and management of creativity and innovation. The result is The Medici Effect, the first book to fully explore the concept of cross-field and cross-cultural combinations and to offer clear guidance on how to make such an approach work effectively.

A dynamic and passionate leader and thinker, Frans has spoken extensively about the Medici Effect to companies, organizations and universities across the US and the world. Organizations worldwide have engaged him to speak on issues of innovation and managing diversity before a wide range of audiences, from C-level executives to human resource practitioners to investment directors. These organizations include Diversity Best Practice, Ernst & Young, General Motors, JP Morgan, Kodak, Mattel, and the World Bank.

His topics include:
- Diversity Drives Innovation
- Innovative Leader: How to Break Out of the Pack

Frans Johansson

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