Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes started the social media revolution when he helped create Facebook in his dorm at Harvard and he followed up this enormous success by becoming the leading force behind the campaign apparatus on the net that elected president Obama.

When Chris helped hatch Facebook in his dorm room at Harvard, practically the only people sharing personal information on the Web were on dating sites. Morphing into a powerhouse networking site, Facebook now has over 200 million users. Eager to connect like-minded communities to a greater good, Chris became the force behind, the campaign apparatus that helped elect Obama and revolutionize the Web as a political tool.

As a successful entrepreneur, Chris also shares his insight into emerging technologies and new media with fledgling entrepreneurs, providing them with skills to show them the way in consumer service, Internet, and disruptive technology. Chris helps organizations understand how to connect in the digital realm, both internally through their own people, as well as with the greater public, and how this will impact business. By tapping into social networking tools while cultivating the user, they can use these new technologies to their full advantage.

Chris Hughes

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