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Annika Steiber

Annika Steiber Ph.D, is a frequent lecturer in the Nordics but also internationally. Annika returned to the Nordics after several years in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley and is today an international authority in the field of innovation management. She is the author of several award winning research articles and the book "The Google Model", based on unique data from a 1-year study on Google Inc. from the inside.

Today her primary focus areas are: "How to lead and organize for increased innovation" and "Open Innovation". As a result of her interest in how to manage innovation, Annika will also in the near future focus on the area of how to do Corporate Digital Transformations.

Annika is a passionate and entertaining speaker with excellent rhetorical, and multi-media presentation skills. To ensure relevance and make each listener both challenged and inspired she blends her talk with small group practices.


Annika Steiber

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