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Adam Tuffnell

Teamwork, Leadership and Communication Speaker

Throughout his 20-year sailing career, Adam Tuffnell has sailed in some of the most hostile environments on the planet, ranging from the freezing wilderness of the Southern Ocean through to the debilitating humidity of the tropics. He has faced hurricanes, collisions, flooding and the emergency medical evacuation of a crew-mate.

Few people will face life threatening multiple disasters in their lifetime. Fewer still have the expertise to dissect those disasters in order to understand how their leadership contributed to survival. As a professional round the world yachtsman and with his background in psychology, Adam Tuffnell is able to deliver just this. His four tenets of Teamwork, Leadership, Communication and Fun translate highly effectively from offshore to office and are designed to be applied in any business situation.

By applying and sharing his four tenants of successful teamwork Adam is able to discuss what lessons we can all learn about team dynamics and how we can avert disasters in our personal and professional lives. Working with teams and leaders in different stages of development, Adam has a number of development tools at his disposal to support the creation of a platform where excellence can be discovered.

Leadership and survival are one and the same. Without leadership you will not survive. – Adam Tuffnell

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