Maria-Therese Hoppe

Maria-Therese Hoppe is a member of the international think tank "The Global Future Forum". Her teams of prominent international futurists co-operate in order to offer challenging and constructive perspectives of the future to businesses and organisations worldwide. She is much in demand as an international keynote speaker, as well as frequently commentating on television and radio, and being interviewed by newspapers and magazines.In the magazine Børsens Nyhedsmagasin she writes her own column. Hoppe also regularly contributes articles to the futurist magazine, Fremtidsorientering. She was part of the team that developed the concepts behind the international bestseller The Dream Society by Rolf Jensen (McGraw Hill, 1999).

She is the author of the innovative and highly successful book "The Future Comes in Leaps and Bounds", in Danish, Aschehoug 2002.

She is much in demand as an international keynote speaker. Her presentations are specially designed to each event and go beyond customary boundaries provoking new insights, giving inspiration to strategic planning and product development.

Her topics include:
- Health sector
- Work and Leadership
- Customers
- Lifestyle

Maria-Therese Hoppe

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