Jón Ólafur Magnússon

Jón Magnússon’s lectures are for administrators and employees seeking corporate achievements by using effective and productive work methods.

During our daily work we face different kinds of challenges and problems. Which route should you take when you have no map to guide you? How do you get your team cooperating perfectly? What if team communications fail? In his lectures Jón describes and shares with the audience methods to solve a task or reach goals that seem unobtainable.

Jón wants to inspire people through his lectures and get them to see that the borders we put up for ourselves are usually illusions. We are capable of going much farther than we think, if the motivation is right. This can mean that we sometimes have to step outside our comfort zone. If we are strong enough to do that, our senses will open and give us strength for future challenges. He uses stories from his expeditions and pictures taken from these expeditions to support his lectures.

Jón Ólafur Magnússon

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